Patent Monetization Process

Different clients have portfolios of different sizes, different in-house resources, and different objectives. We tailor our services to the needs of each client.

Processes That Ensure All Options Are Covered

With A Keen Understanding That All Situations Are Unique

Marathon’s processes start with an initial evaluation, determine the best strategy, and then execute.

Patent Monetization Process

Any patent monetization campaign begins with an evaluation of the client’s patent portfolio to determine which patents are commercially valuable. Our proprietary Marathon Analytics Platform allows us to quickly sort through patents in a large portfolio to identify the most valuable assets. Patents that are potentially valuable are carefully evaluated.

Strategy Formulation

Once we’ve identified the most promising patents, we work with our clients to determine the optimum path to monetization. Many global corporations have similar patents covering the US, Europe, and sometimes Asian countries. We determine the optimum venues, and recommend the best structure for a monetization campaign. We prioritize targets to approach for licenses and select appropriate law firms and experts, should litigation be necessary.

Campaign Management

We take care of all aspects of the actual monetization campaign so that our clients can remain focused on running their businesses. With our many years of experience in the field and our comprehensive transaction database, we know what patents are worth and can help our clients maximize income in the shortest possible time.

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